No Entry

In the midst of the Windrush Scandal, Valerie and her son's relationship become strained as she is engulfed by the UK's Hostile Immigration tactics. Grappling between losing her son and the country she calls home, she looks for hope where there is no entry.

Available to view on Soleil Space and American Airlines in-flight entertainment.

Cast & Crew

Valerie - Susan Aderin

Eli - Ntonga Mwaza

Director - Kaleb D'Aguilar

Writer - Kim Taylor

Producer - Ali Gambo, Steven Jeram

DOP - Liam Scully

Cam. Op. - Haroui Qin

Sound Design - Conrad Hack

Editor - Siyou Jin


Won Best Student Film at Cornwall Film Festival (2022)

Won Best Cinematography at Gatffest Film Festival (2022)

Won Best Screenplay at Little Wing Film Festival (2022)

Crystal Palace Film Festival (2023)

American Black Film Festival (2022)

Hairouna Film Festival (2022)

Short Focus Film Festival (2022)

Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival (2022)

South London Film Festival (2022)

BlackStar Film Festival (2021)

Third Horizon Film Festival (2021)

Caribbeantales International Film Festival (2021)

Montreal International Black Film Festival (2021)

1261 Film Festival (2021)